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nTopology makes software for design and manufacturing. At nTopology, we know that disconnected engineering software stacks and delicate CAD models have slowed teams down and stifled innovation. High performing organizations use innovative technologies to streamline every engineering process, design the best products faster and leverage advanced manufacturing. And since engineering know-how drives competitive advantage today, nTop Platform makes your valuable information more accessible, shareable and intelligent than it’s ever been. 

Our computational modeling platform uses Implicit Modeling to offer a new set of tools that overcome many limitations of traditional CAD. The math behind Implicit Modeling guarantees that operations like booleans, offsets, rounds, and drafts never fail. Periodic and non-periodic lattices, foam, and texturing can be added at any required level of detail. The nTop Platform approach removes geometry bottlenecks in design by achieving more efficient workflows, dramatically improving team collaboration with faster iteration, enabling smarter, more complex designs to meet performance demands. nTop Platform enables a completely new way of automating complex problem solutions with Field Driven Design. By “fields” we mean information about positions in space, such as distance, forces, and velocities. Almost all kinds of engineering data can be consolidated in the language of fields. It is, for example, the same language as Simulation data, which means you can drive design automation with results from all common simulation programs and optimize for mechanical or thermal loads, flow and much more. Accelerate your engineering process. Design, analyze, and prep for manufacturing on a single platform.

Franz-Mayer-Str. 1
93053 Regensburg
Fabian Grupp
+49 1525 2419113

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