WaveEye UG (haftungsbeschränkt)




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The WaveEye UG specializes in the development of high-precision measurement instrumentation for optics and laser. Our main product, the WaveEye, is a new, fast and compact wavemeter.

The innovative internal design makes it faster, easier to operate and much smaller than competing products. Applications include diode lasers, the characterization of detectors and other measurement equipment and spectroscopy. It is also ideally suited as an OEM component, e.g. in tunable lasers and a wide range of other applications. All specifications can be adapted to customer needs.
In addition, we offer development services for electronics, optical sensors and firmware or software. By combing a extensive know-how of CAD and PCB design, microcontroller and FPGA programming, PC software and physical modeling, we construct specialized measurement devices, calibration systems and proof-of-concept setups for a wide range of industrial applications.

Franz-Mayer-Straße 1
93053 Regensburg
Dr. Hauke Häseler
+49 9406 8356033