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Onsite Training"Be a strong and authentic Female Leader"


Munich Urban Colab, 09:00 - 13:00 Uhr

We empower women to become leaders and drive positive change towards a more sustainable future. In this training, we aim to equip you with exactly what it takes to grow as a strong and authentic leader and become aware and confident in your own ability to inspire action both in yourself and in others.

This training is open to all present and future female founders or students interested in the topic of humanistic leadership from all educational and professional backgrounds. We invite you to sign up and grab a seat at the table as the transformational role models you are set to become.

In this hands-on training you will:

- enhance your self-reflective capability and build resilience and self-efficacy
- grow your entrepreneurial mindset and learn effective tools for self-empowerment
- develop human-centered approaches to problem solving and innovation
- grow your network of aspiring women leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers

Get ready to jumpstart your leadership!

Trainer and facilitator: Doris Schönbeck
Team & Leadership Development Trainer & Coach @UnternehmerTUM Start-up Services

Expert guest: To be announced soon!


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