Transform-R TechBase Partnerveranstaltung (Cluster Mobility & Logistics)

Hands-on-Training „Automotive Security“ – Focus on Hardware


TechBase Regensburg, 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr

What protocols and systems are present in modern vehicle control units (ECUs)? What are the attack surfaces on both the hardware and software side? This course gives you an overview of a wide range of possible methods that an attacker can use. The focus is on using examples of real ECUs to understand a complete exploit chain and thus expand awareness of the possible attack surfaces.

Training topics and focus areas:

  • Common vehicle architectures and network topologies
  • Identification of potential attack surfaces of ECUs
  • Understanding low-level CAN communication and attacks
  • Reverse Engineering von Hardware
  • Firmware-Dumping
  • Reverse engineering of the captured firmware
  • Cracking security access mechanisms of current vehicle models
  • Execute your own code on insecure ECUs
  • Common software update mechanisms used by OEMs
  • Basic knowledge of current immobilizer systems

Target group / Requirements (please note):

  • Safety engineers/developers/designers from the automotive industry
  • Project managers, technical project managers
  • System testers, system architects
  • Cybersecurity managers and coordinators

Trainer: Jonas Horreis, dissecto GmbH

​​​​​​​Language: English

Participants need a functional laptop for the practical sessions (at least Intel i5 / 8 GB RAM / SSD / free access to all interfaces), pre-installed with a virtual machine (alternatively Linux) with access to the physical interfaces of the host laptop. The virtual machine is provided by the trainer in advance. Furthermore, participants should hold basic technical knowledge of micro-controllers from the automotive industry.


Registration for the event here​​​​​​​.

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