L8 Birds by 8select

TechBase, Franz-Mayer-Straße 1, Regensburg 18:30–21:00 Uhr

"Full-stack Type Safety with React, GraphQL, and TypeScript"

L8 Birds by 8select

L8 Birds was created to provide a suitable platform for exciting tech talks in Regensburg. We have noticed that when it comes to high qualified and diverse content in the tech scene, the offers in Regensburg are still limited. We have made it our mission to expand the range of free events with exciting speakers . L8 Birds helps you to broaden your horizons, to get in contact with other interested people and to get inspired by our international speakers.

Upcoming Speaker:
ROBERT ZHUPrincipal Technical Evangelist, AWS

Topic: "Full-stack Type Safety with React, GraphQL, and TypeScript"
In this talk, I'll present a full-stack solution for building type-safe JavaScript web applications using React, GraphQL, TypeScript, and a Node.js library called TypeGraphQL.

What prior knowledge do you need to be able to follow the content?
Basic knowledge of React.js, Node.js, GraphQL, and TypeScript. I will spend some time covering these foundational technologies, but you will be lost if you've never heard of them!

Full stack web development has exploded in complexity recently. In this talk, I'll share my personal recipe for building a type safe modern web application stack.

About Robert Zhu:
Robert is currently a Principal Technical Evangelist at AWS and a member of the GraphQL Working Group. Prior to joining AWS, he was a Software Engineer at Facebook on the GraphQL team, a Software Architect at Eze Software Group, and a Software Engineer at Microsoft (.net, Windows Server, Xbox). He is passionate about web, mobile, APIs, gaming, and finance.

You can reach him on twitter: @rbzhu

Registration and detailled information: www.l8-birds.com


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